Creating high-quality floor surfaces with Rigidur Flooring Elements

Discover the quick, cost-effective solution for high-quality floor surfaces: Rigidur Flooring Elements enable you to lay a durable, yet flexible basis for all floor coverings in a very short space of time. Regardless of whether you want to lay carpet, tiles or parquet – Rigidur Flooring Elements are always the right choice.

Irrespective of whether they are used for modernisation or in newbuild projects, a Rigidur dry floor screed ensures clean and quick installation.

Ensure you make the right decision when it comes to this fundamental issue: choose Rigidur Flooring Elements from Rigips!


Size and weight 
All Rigidur Flooring Elements are 500 x 1,500 mm in size and feature a 50 mm wide rebate edge on all four sides. They comprise two Rigidur H gypsum fibreboards joined at the manufacturing stage. Their low weight per unit area of approx. 25 kg/m2 allows them to be installed even on floors/ceilings with a low load-bearing capacity.

Insulating materials
Depending on sound/heat insulation and/or fire protection requirements, Rigidur Flooring Elements can also be supplied with specially laminated layers of mineral wool, polystyrene or particularly eco-friendly soft wood fibres.

Rigidur Flooring Elements have an extremely hard, smooth and scratch-resistance surface. This high surface hardness makes them extremely durable and capable of withstanding high point and area loads.

Rigidur Flooring Elements 20/25 are non-combustible in accordance with building material classification A2. Rigidur Flooring Elements offer reliable fire protection of up to 120 minutes for the supporting elements in floors and ceilings.

The short time needed for dry installation is a major plus factor as, unlike with wet screeds, no long drying periods need to be taken into account. After max. 24 hours, all standard floor coverings such as carpet, tiles or parquet can be laid on the dry floor screed.

Application areas

Rigidur Flooring Elements are a particularly efficient solution for ensuring maximum comfort when creating both solid and wooden beam floors in old and new buildings.

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