Bound fill

Higher compression strengths and deeper fill heights for a wide variety of building solutions

Rigidur MixBinder is a cementitious binding agent that can be combined with Rigidur levelling compound to create a bound fill.
It permits the creation of substrates with even greater compression strengths for the installation of Rigidur Flooring Elements.

System solution with Rigidur levelling compound

✓ Increased compression strength
✓ Improvement in sound insulation of up to 31 dB possible
✓ Shorter installation times compared with wet screeds
✓ Suitable for machine processing
✓ For fill heights exceeding 20 mm

The bound fill can be used for fill heights exceeding 20 mm. It further increases sound insulation and can be used in wooden beam, trapezoidal sheet and concrete ceilings.

 Deeper fill heights with greater compression strength can be created more easily and securely using the bound fill.