High time for climate change in the attic

Did you know that buildings account for around 40% of total energy consumption and around one third of all CO2 emissions? And that non-insulated roofs are a key factor in high heat loss? Under the circumstances, it makes sense for house owners to make significant reductions in energy consumption – both in their own interests and with respect to climate change. Effective attic insulation is an efficient and easy way to save on energy/heating costs and gain valuable useable space. It enables you to increase comfort, living standards and the value of your property. And ultimately also contributes to conserving resources and the environment.

As you can see: All the signs point to climate change in the attic.

Efficient and cost-effective: Rigidur 032 TF attic elements

As efficient attic insulation enables you to maximise potential savings and space, it is a worthwhile long-term investment.

  • You will no longer lose energy through the roof unnecessarily.
  • Greater energy efficiency means lower heating costs
  • With an additional layer of boards, an insulated attic can even be used as living space.

With the new Rigidur 032 TF attic elements, you will not only meet all statutory requirements – you can benefit from many other advantages such as extremely easy installation.

The Multi-Comfort advantages of Rigidur 032 TF attic elements

Indoor climate

  • An indoor climate which is always comfortable
  • Continuous insulation layer with no risk of thermal bridges


  • Perfect, simple and continuous installation through unique two-step rebate edge (optimized to prevent thermal bridges)
  • Stable and durable – the floor surface can be walked on directly


  • Quick and easy installation technique offers a time saving of up to 30% through floating installation
  • Perfect attic insulation with a short installation time regardless of installation technique
  • Elements are easy to handle (500 x 1,500 mm), very light and simple to transport


  • Outstanding insulation properties through refined graphite EPS rigid foam board with a thermal conductivity of 0.032 W/m2K
  • Up to 20% less insulating material with the same performance
  • Up to 90% savings in heating costs

Design freedom

  • In preparation for subsequent conversion to living space you can create a high-quality, durable dry floor screed with just one layer of 10 mm Rigidur boards

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