Collar beam ceilingsCollar beam ceilings

There are many ways you can bring your ideas and wishes to life when designing your attic. The simplest and quickest way to convert your attic is to completely seal the roof below the collar beams.

If you want to achieve a modern studio look, you can leave the beams visible as an eye-catcher. However, you need to bear cost in mind here as the beams often need more pre-treatment or specific maintenance.

You can of course also just close off part of the collar beam ceiling to give the impression of a gallery or create new living space for e.g. a play area or bed for guests.

This enables you to use the space despite a low ceiling height. To permit access to the attic and any gallery, you should think about stairs or a space-saving attic ladder at an early stage. While a single-flight staircase offers the most direct way up, a spiral staircase is a particularly good space-saving option. We strongly recommend the installation of fold-away attic ladders for enclosed attics.

An attic partitioned off in this way does not have to be heated. The low room height beneath will also help you save on heating costs. And you can of course also use the attic space you have created as storage space.