Jamb wallsJamb walls

After panelling the sloped roof, you may be wondering how to make optimum use of the awkward space underneath. Our tip: a jamb wall is a clever solution which enables you to push furniture such as a bed right up to the wall without leaving a gap. Or make maximum use of the space and install shelves or a cupboard.

Whether open, with doors or even a curtain, you can turn even the smallest niche into an attractive, useful space. Jamb walls are also extremely well-suited for use as installation space – you can easily hide cables, installations and power connections behind the boards.

Wall cupboard

Making good use of space
It is unfortunately not possible to buy ready-made cupboards for installation under sloped roofs and, while those made by carpenters are optimized to fit the individual spaces, this is not an option everyone can afford. However, you can create your own easily, quickly and cost-effectively. You can even accommodate your entire wardrobe or that rarely used bulky winter sports gear if you plan wisely. The layout can be arranged entirely to suit your needs, making it variable and personalised.