Room dividersRoom dividers and half-height partitions

Room dividers are particularly well-suited for visually breaking up rooms or hiding unattractive backs of beds, kitchen units or clothes racks. This makes them ideal as design elements.

Connections for electrical or sanitary installations must be taken into account when installing the sub-structure for room dividers or half-height partitions. A double layer of panelling is recommended here for stability reasons.

Partitions with shelves

Would you like to cleverly increase your storage space, fill gaps or create an understated, elegant shelving solution? Then why not simply integrate shelves into your partition? You can for example combine shelves made of wood or glass and create an additional eye-catcher with indirect lighting.

Walk-in wardrobe

A walk-in wardrobe is an excellent space-saving solution. With a simple stud partition structure and gypsum fibreboards, you can create a partition which hides plenty of space and order – for clothes, shoes and even for bags and suitcases. You can design the interior entirely to suit your wishes. Whether you use shelves, clothes rails or a combination of the two. It’s only important to remember to plan in sufficient depth to allow you to fit a suitable cupboard system, clothes hangers, etc. easily later on.

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