Lighting systemsLighting systems

Light is a fundamental element in room design and has a direct influence on our wellbeing and the room atmosphere. It takes the right light to unveil and accentuate the full impact of a room. In addition to daylight, you can install sophisticated and effective light sources to create design highlights.

Rigips offers you a wide scope for realising your personal design ideas. Good planning is also key here. All important components can be obtained from your hardware store and leading lighting manufacturers.

Indirect lighting

You can realise atmospheric and unusual ideas with sophisticated lighting along contours and hidden light sources.

Downlights and integrated lighting

Standard halogen spotlights or other lighting elements can be integrated into Rigips ceilings very easily, offering you virtually unlimited options – from e.g. a starry sky to colour-change LEDs.

Light canopy

A suspended ceiling section even enables you to include installations under a solid ceiling. You can for example use downlights or simply hide the cables of your hanging lamps.