Rigidur: For each application the right product

The Rigidur gypsum fibreboard product family from Rigips comprises a full range of products optimized for specific areas of application. Rigidur gypsum fibreboards are manufactured in Germany on modern production lines for the domestic and international markets. Together with a comprehensive range of accessories, the products offer you a complete system tailored specifically to your needs. With Rigidur H – the homogeneous gypsum fibreboard made by Rigips – construction carpenters, architects, planners and structural engineers can also rely on the well-known Rigips quality for supporting wall structures. Rigidur H naturally also offers all the advantages of construction, fireproof and damp-proof boards. Rigidur H meets all requirements for the supporting and reinforcing panelling of interior and exterior walls in timber frame, OSM and prefabricated house construction. Rigidur H gypsum fibreboards are standardized to EN 15283-2.

Their reaction to fire is classified under EN 13501-1. The boards are “noncombustible”. This enables safe and cost-effective fireproof structures with fire-resistance ratings from F 30 to F 90.

Rigidur: Effective and safe

RigidurRigidur boards are conventionally used for panelled walls with higher robustness requirements - from single- and double-layer panelling to double stud partition walls. The effectiveness of Rigidur boards is demonstrated particularly clearly in preventive fire protection and sound insulation in thin panelled walls with just one layer of Rigidur boards on each side: Even with panelling just 10 mm thick on each side, the wall offers a fire resistance time of 30 minutes. Depending on the wall structure, a fire resistance time of 90 minutes can easily be achieved with a double layer of 12.5 mm Rigidur boards as panelling. The sound insulation properties of this type of structure are also impressive at a value of Rw,R = 62 dB.

Our Rigidur H standard: Natural air cleaning power

Rigidur HOnly Rigidur H offers a full gypsum fibreboard range with natural air cleaning power as standard. A naturally occurring mineral component in the Rigidur H boards absorbs and reduces air pollutants to improve indoor air.

  • Removes up to 98% of formaldehyde from indoor air (according to the test report published by the independent ECO Institute in Cologne)
  • Almost completely removes or reduces other pollutants which occur in the form of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from indoor air
  • Reduces unpleasant odours such as tobacco smoke

The effectiveness of the air cleaning power of Rigidur H has been tested, confirmed and certified by the ECO Institute in Cologne and the EUROFINS laboratory group in Denmark. Our Rigidur H air cleaning power standard sets benchmarks.

Certified safety

Certified safetyIn addition, the Institute for Building Biology has classified the Rigidur H gypsum fibreboard as a “building material tested and recommended by the IBR”. The extract from the expert report published by the Timber and Drywall Construction Testing Laboratory (VHT Darmstadt) research, development and testing facility also certifies that Rigidur H gypsum fibreboards are suitable for use under dynamic stresses. When used in conjunction with staples with a diameter of max. 1.6 mm as fasteners, Rigidur H is classed as a suitable material for earthquake resistant timber frame buildings.

Why not test Rigidur H gypsum fibreboards and see the benefits of this product range for yourself?