Installation - Simple, clean and safe to lay

Laying Rigidur flooring elements is extremely simple. Thanks to the perfectly put together system components all the requirements of acoustic decoupling from the levelling of unevenness up to precise and clean laying of the flooring elements can be mastered easily.

First, prepare the substrate that you are covering with Rigidur flooring elements. It must not give or be elastic. And it must be dry and able to bear loads. In case of a wooden beam ceiling fasten loose boards, etc.

Verarbeitung1Verarbeitung2   Verarbeitung3
Level out unevenness and crooked floors with Rigips levelling compound.

Verarbeitung4Verarbeitung5   Verarbeitung6
Lay the Rigidur flooring elements in rows and apply the Rigidur Nature Line screed adhesive.
Connect the Rigidur flooring elements in the area of the rebate edges with Rigidur drywall screws.

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All special processing- and covering specifications as well as detailed system recommendations for surface coverings and solutions for all areas of application can be found in the “Floor installation guidelines Rigidur”.

All steps of installation are also shown in the Rigidur Flooring Processing Video on the left side.