Standard and sliding doors

Did you know that doors can also literally open up a variety of design options? From which side to put the hinges to the door mechanism and the choice of material – glass, wood, metal or material – there are many decisions to be made. And our solutions mean that you have all options at your disposal.

Sliding doorStandard doors

The Rigips UA reinforcement profiles specially produced for use with doors and the Rigips door lintel profiles make installing doors child’s play and correspond to the four standard door widths. You can of course include doors even in very thin walls. However, this does require specific planning in each case.

Here it is important to think about which way the door should open in advance, i.e. which side the hinges and handle should be on.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors are a highly practical, space-saving solution and can be planned with one or two leaves. A differentiation is generally made between sliding doors which lie against the wall and which slide into each other. The choice is yours. Pre-fabricated systems can of course also be easily integrated into panelled walls.

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