Hatches offer a wide range of customizing options as they can be designed in virtually any shape and size. Round or square, large or small, they allow you to realise practical and attractive ideas.

A hatch can be installed at virtually any point in a Rigips wall. If the hatch fits between two CW vertical profiles (max. 60 cm), crossbars made of UW frame profiles can be screwed into place between the vertical profiles as a frame or lintel. The flanges of the profile ends should be cut, bent round and screwed into the vertical profiles.

With larger hatches or where hatches intersect a vertical profile, the profile should be cut off at the opening and the crossbar inserted as described above. The cut ends of the vertical profiles can then run into this crossbar. The substructure may need to be reinforced.

For round shapes, cut the flange of the profiles to form a curve with the desired radius. You can also use pre-bent or pre-stamped profiles which can be ordered from your hardware store.

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