Rigidur H Activ’Air: Technology that lets you breathe

The Rigidur H Activ’Air gypsum fibre board has been proven to promote cleaner air as it

  • removes 100% of formaldehyde from indoor air
  • also almost completely removes many other pollutants from indoor air which occur in the form of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

Rigidur H Activ’Air contains an active air complex which is highly effective against VOCs while also absorbing a range of other household toxins:

  • Rigidur H Activ’Air significantly reduces heavy VOCs such as benzaldehyde which can become concentrated in living spaces due to their stability
  • Rigidur H Activ’Air significantly reduces so-called aromatic chemistry substances such as 1,4-Dichlorbenzene – a base material found e.g. in insecticides

A special active agent has been added to Rigidur H Activ’Air specifically for drywall construction applications. A very low concentration of the product (1 g per kg) is added to the Rigidur boards and does not alter their characteristic properties. It is highly effective at absorbing and converting pollutants into inert compounds, thereby ensuring a sustainable reduction in pollutants without any risk of re-emission.

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