with new system components

Rigidur Flooring Elements are secure, highly durable, flexible and now take even less time to install than conventional wet screeds: The new specially developed double nozzle for Rigidur floor adhesive makes installation quicker, cleaner and more efficient than ever before.

Combining the new Rigidur Flooring Elements with thicker layers of insulating material (45 MW + 65 MW), bound fill and a Rigips suspended ceiling in one system enables footstep sound insulation to be improved by up to 31 dB for existing ceilings.

Suitable for a wide variety of floor coverings 

✓ Suitable for under-floor heating systems (non-laminated Flooring Elements)
✓ Can be used in domestic rooms with high moisture levels
✓ Tailored to sound/heat insulation and fire safety requirements
✓ Low static load for existing ceilings
✓ Quick and dry installation
✓ Low height
✓ Quicker installation through double nozzle
✓ Pollutant-free and advantageous in terms of building biology


Higher compression strength at even deeper fill heights is possible using the new Rigidur MixBinder for bound fills.