Rigidur H Marine for interior work on ships

ShipbuildingThe newly developed Rigidur H Marine board meets the strict non-combustibility requirements for construction materials and components for ship interiors.

Official tests have proven the non-combustibility of Rigidur H Marine, allowing it to gain MED (Marine Equipment Directive) approval and bear the „Wheel Mark“ mark of conformity of the IMO (International Marine Organisation). This identifies Rigidur H Marine as a construction material suitable for use in drywall structures in the special ship interior segment.

When fitting out ships, it is important to use products which are „non-combustible“.

Processing information

Rigidur H Marine should be processed in exactly the same way as the many other Rigidur gypsum fibreboards and naturally also offers the well-known Rigidur benefits such as high stability and a smooth, scratch-resistant surface.